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Web Design

Where are all the things?

They're currently works in progress. Not sure how to set up anonymous share URLs, so I'm currently keeping those pages hidden while I work on them.

Why Processwire, and not Drupal/Joomla/etc?

  • I tried Joomla. I liked it, but the backend was too busy.
  • I also tried Drupal. It was a bit hard to enforce manual page relations. On top of that, I got distracted by trying to implement a social network.
  • Wordpress... Well, it's Wordpress. And I like tailoring my webpages by hand.

Why self-host instead of posting it on a hosted worldbuilding site or wiki?

  • Always, always need to be able to script exporting the data from wherever I store it in.
  • Not a lot of the wiki software I found enforced strict structure that easily. Though I do like DokuWiki a lot.


Dude, what's the licensing on this?

Currently copyrighted. I really want to release it as Creative Commons. But there's... issues with enforcing it last I researched? I'll need to look into it in the future.